Who We Are

Executive Summary

Rematco Energy Limited (“Rematco”) is an Energy Asset Development Company focused on power generation (both base and peak load) and Oil & Gas opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa, with a presence in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Mozambique. Rematco specializes in African/Middle East inbound and outbound transactions, mainly in the Energy Sector. We leverage our local knowledge and global expertise as well as our access to international business channels while retaining a deep commitment to international standards.

Rematco’s management team have more than 200 years of combined execution and advisory work in energy sector projects globally. We provide solutions for most economical, reliable and sustainable world class power generation that can be quickly executed.

Rematco can support government and industries requiring short term captive power as well as national utilities requiring long term independent power with our best practice of operating models and cost effective execution. We work with small and larger companies alike, partnering with investors and governments, managers or entrepreneurs in start-up or growth stages in the Energy space.