How We Do It

Project Delivery Methodologies

Front End Method

Rematco has the capability to influence value at the early stage (feasibility and conceptualisation) of the project.

Front End Method Rematco

Rematco’s key personnel in engineering and execution are engaged from the project definition to guarantee the client the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Project Execution Process

Rematco’s management team has extensive experience in delivering projects in the African countries. A full range of customized services are offered to the client in accordance with local requirements whilst maintaining international standards.

We offer comprehensive solutions for all project phases, supporting engineering activities from project conception to construction and facilities turnover.

Highly integrated processes are used across all phases of a typical EPCC and maintenance project.

Project Execution Process Rematco

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

EPC Services

Rematco Energy provides a wide range of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services to support developers of new plants or operators expanding the capacity of existing facilities.

Our experienced project teams deliver project-specific or turnkey power plant solutions simplifying and accelerating the traditional power project cycle.

We have extensive experience in:

  1. Identifying,
  2. Evaluating,
  3. Recommending
  4. Procuring

previously owned Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) including gas turbines, generators, transformers and balance-of-plant (BOP) systems across all phases of project development.

Our experience includes generators, simple cycle, combined cycle, and cogeneration gas turbine projects. Rematco’s execution team brings a wide range of power plant construction management and commissioning know-how.

Rematco Energy modular design strategy enables us to deliver integrated EPC services for fast-track reliable power plant solutions. These services include plant removal, relocation and reassembly services for existing power plants.

Power Plant & Asset Relocation

Rematco Energy provides low cost technical solutions to local project developers in Africa. We relocate gently-used assets, including power plants to make projects competitive.

We offer a complete relocation package to local developers, including turnkey asset transfer, spare parts, fuel sourcing, access to financing and operations support.

Investors seeking fully operational turnkey power plant projects will benefit from our proposals of well maintained assets, which we can relocate to a location of your choice.

Power Plant Relocation

For the relocated assets, we secure the Operations & Maintenance service to successfully integrate the plant into the target grid and economy, with a priority on local capacity building.

Power Plant

Volume purchased to lower costs. We offer components and spare parts for your assets, dynamically priced in order to offer you the best value for your investment.

Service Delivery & Strategy Realisation

We assist our client’s by providing a wide range of services along the value chain of the power projects. We start by identifying Developers goals (MWs, siting, preferred fuel, PPA strategy), screening portfolio for target power plants, and presenting the shortlist for selection at Pre-Feasibility Study. Below are some of the services offered during the project execution:

  • Feasibility studies
  • In-country surveys for new projects
  • Design constructability reviews
  • Planning & scheduling
  • Plant estimation (Capex, Opex & Economics)
  • Financial modelling and analysis
  • Third party capital identification and recommendations
  • Engineering studies to support plant relocation or plant expansions
  • Procurement of previously owned OEM major equipment and BoP
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Installation & mechanical completion
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Performance testing
  • Operation & Maintenance assistance

Service delivery & strategy