What We Do

The Vision For Our Clients

  • We connect the global markets to Africa while building a strong footprint as an Africa/Middle East-focused group that continuously adds value to participating global companies and institutions.
  • Rematco enables clients to realize their vision through the development and implementation of effective strategies. We focus on adding immediate value, and view our clients’ successes as our own.
  • As a partner and trusted developer, Rematco brings deep industry and practical expertise to support our clients’ challenges.
  • We help clients identify power plants with a detailed audit of the equipment ideal for a specific project.
    Rematco provides on-demand and cost-effective solutions, to help our clients cope with constantly changing environment and intense pressure on their time.
  • We help clients achieve extraordinary outcomes through innovative thinking, with a focus on simplicity, scalability and sustainability.
  • With our deep knowledge of the Energy sector and our broad range of expertise across industries, proven business models and strategic methodologies, we understand clients’ businesses and work closely with them to support major decisions. Given our practical experience, we mitigate our clients’ risk and fast-track their results.

Areas of Expertise & Competence I

Strategic Planning

  • Help Clients take a holistic approach to their aspirations, focusing on the testing and refining of corporate objectives in order to facilitate new market entry.

Market Intelligence

  • Assist Clients design and undertake market research that provides insightful, innovative and precise solutions to often complex problems or opportunities.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Understand the competitive landscape, identify and prioritise opportunities – M&A, joint ventures/partnerships and develop ‘win’ strategies

Project Finance

  • Prepare the Financial Plan that clearly addresses financier’s risk mitigation requirements and assist raising capital (both equity and debt).

Areas of Expertise & Competence II

Strategic Planning

Rematco helps its clients and partners in take a holistic approach to their aspirations for expansion in Africa, focusing on the testing and refining of corporate objectives. We work to build road maps to achieve new levels of growth and brand awareness. This enables organisations identify where to compete in and how to allocate resources. Typically, strategic planning serves as a starting point for growth (expansion), portfolio strategy and M&A strategy.

Through strategic alliances and partnerships, Rematco offers value by:

  • Introducing deals to new market entrants and enabling its clients to:
  • Challenging existing sub-par competition
  • Gaining market share through partner channels
  • Bringing specialist skills and capabilities to fulfil contracts or execute business activities

Investment Management

Rematco provides investment management services to institutional clients focused on multi-asset classes in the Africa markets in the Energy and Infrastructure Development Sectors. We are poised to be a key strategic partner with access to investment opportunities in the growing Africa markets.

As a strategic partner to institutional investors, we are dedicated to providing access, insights and transparency into the Africa markets by:

  • Adding value by combining industry and local market expertise and global network to source opportunities in the marketplace
  • Performing thorough due diligence
  • Mitigating risk through innovative deal structuring
  • Providing a hands-on approach to asset and fund management

Areas of Expertise & Competence III

Market Intelligence

We provide invaluable advantage to our clients through deep industry knowledge, market insights and intelligence with:

  • Customer and market orientation
  • New product, new markets, competitors
  • Market positioning
  • Brand research/development
  • Market segmentation
  • Customer and employee interaction
  • Project feasibility
  • Alliances and joint ventures

Searching & Intermediation


  • Through its network, Rematco can originate and identify commercial opportunities or public contracts requiring a product, service or technical support that can only be sourced outside Africa.
  • Rematco can research and shortlist suppliers; summarize an opportunity; negotiate terms and JVs/agency agreements (under mandate and instruction); coordinate first meetings, legal advisers and other required service providers; structure any local and offshore SPVs; as well as other due diligence.


  • Through its network and on-going business operations within Africa, Rematco contacts in Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia and identifies commercial opportunities or public contracts in Africa where advice and/or assistance in finding an agent or joint venture is needed.
  • Rematco can summarize the opportunity; refer on first refusal basis to the investor and its network. Upon request, Rematco can also negotiate terms and agency agreement with suppliers (under specific mandate and instruction); coordinate first meetings, legal advisers and other required service providers; and structure any SPVs.